1. St Georges Park – Spiel Magazine








    I had the pleasure of travelling up to Staffordshire to visit England’s 330 Acre training ground for Spiel Magazine.

    I Photographed head Groundsman Alan Ferguson, along with U-16′s coach Kenny Swain, who used to play for Aston Villa and Wycombe Wanderers. Both absolute top lads.

    Big up to Dan, Paul and everyone at SGP and Nike that made this such a nice shoot to work on.

    If you’re interested in Football or just love well designed Magazines, then you should definitely buy a copy of Spiel here!



  2. Notting Hill Carnival for Red Bull



    Liam_Ricketts_Notting_Hill_Carnival_2014_MG_3236 Liam_Ricketts_Notting_Hill_Carnival_2014_MG_3417 Liam_Ricketts_Notting_Hill_Carnival_2014_MG_3465 Liam_Ricketts_Notting_Hill_Carnival_2014_MG_3564 Liam_Ricketts_Notting_Hill_Carnival_2014_MG_3571 Liam_Ricketts_Notting_Hill_Carnival_2014_MG_3722

    Portraits that I took for Red Bull at this years Carnival. Tonnes of fun dodging and weaving around the whole place between systems. Thanks Tom and Sarah!

  3. Kyron Davis – Spiel Magazine


    Liam_Ricketts_Kyron_Davis_Blog__MG_9806 Liam_Ricketts_Kyron_Davis_Blog_900_MG_9538


    Kyron Davis, Nike SB team rider for Spiel Magazine.

    Thanks to Kyron, Dominique and Paul for this one!

  4. Nike Winner Stays On: London









    A few weeks ago, I covered Nike’s Winner Stays On Tournament for JD Sports and RWD Magazine, which took place in North, South, East and West London.

    I also took some portraits of SGT Pokes, Meridian Dan and Footsie, who came down to commentate on the games.

    Lots of fast paced 5-a-side Football, with heaps of gorgeous sunlight!

    Big thanks to Tego, Jenny, Dacre, Felix, Greg, Ben, Bean & Nana!

  5. The House Of Peroni



    I recently worked with M&C Saatchi on the press advert for The House Of Peroni event, which is happening all throughout May!

    It’s popped up in Time Out this week, it will also be in a few other magazines soon.

    Massive thanks to Laura, Lydia, Karlie, Paul, Roman and everyone else involved.

  6. Schoolboy Q Prints


    Schoolboy Q prints.


    _MG_6870 _MG_6878



    -Printed Black & White on tracing paper. Edition of 25.

    -Sold out! Thanks to everyone that bought one. Your wall will look amazing. More coming soon.